Ad Swaps for Anime Conventions

If you run an anime convention, getting the word out to anime fans in your area isn't always the easiest thing to do. Although getting listed on the and sites certainly helps, sometimes you just need to take it a step further. That's why we're offering ad swaps. The more you help advertise or, the more we'll advertise you!

Anime conventions can earn up to 2 months of banner advertising:

  • Earn 1 month for Online Banner Ads
    Run a or banner on prominent pages on your convention's web site for the month before your convention (or more) and earn one month of banner advertising on the and sites. Our banner ad should be be displayed every time the page is loaded and not be rotating with other images.
  • Earn 1 month for a Program Guide Ad
    Agree to print a or ad in your convention's program guide and earn one month of banner advertising on the and sites. If your program guide is 7"x8.5" or larger, the ad must be at least 1/4 page. If your program guide is smaller than 7"x8.5", the or ad must be at least 1/2 page. We can supply color or B&W ads.

If you wish to have your convention advertised on the and sites for longer than the periods listed above or if you wish to sponsor AnimeCons TV, ask for our paid advertising rates. (They're surprisingly reasonable!)

As part of the ad swap, you will get an account on our advertising server which you can use to monitor your ad's impressions and click-throughs.

Ad Swap Policies

  • Ad swaps are only for conventions listed on the site and must therefore qualify under our Policy on Listed Events.
  • Although lists all fan conventions, this ad swap program is currently only available for anime conventions.
  • Ad swaps are only available for non-profit or college-based anime conventions. While for-profit conventions may be listed on the site, they do not qualify for ad swaps.
  • Ad swaps are only available for anime conventions and not sci-fi conventions or comic conventions. To be considered an "anime convention", a plurality of the programming and events must be anime-related. If the convention has guests, at least 20% must be connected to anime or anime-style art.
  • Conventions that qualify may only run ads for that convention and cannot run ads for other conventions or businesses.
  • An event running or advertising prior to being approved for an ad swap in no way obligates or to commit to an ad swap with the event.
  • Running a or banner ad on the convention's site for more than one month will not earn the convention more than one month of display time on the or sites.
  • The convention's name must appear somewhere in its banner ad.
  • All and advertising must be provided by and and may not be edited or modified in any way.
  • The convention may provide 728x90 (top) ads only. We will not serve 300x250 or 160x600 ads through our ad swap program. If you submit multiple ad creatives, they will run alternating in the same ad slot and the overall frequency of your ads will not increase.
  • All ad swap ads are run at the same priority. Ad swap priority is lower than that of paid advertisers, but higher than that of house and remnant advertising.
  • Ads displaying on or as part of our ad swap program will be geotargeted to only display on the continent of the convention. (Ads for a convention in Ireland will only show up in Europe, ads for a convention in Canada will only show up in North America, etc.)
  • Failure of an event to run or advertising will result the removal of that event's ads from the and sites and may eliminate the possibility of any future ad swaps.
  • All other advertising policies still apply.
  • In the event the convention is cancelled, the convention's ads will be removed and the convention will be considered free of all reciprocal advertising obligations. In the event the convention is postponed, the convention's ads will be put on hold until such time that a new date is announced.
  • Advertising may be refused to any convention for any reason, including inavailablity of advertising impressions on the and sites to offer for swap.
  • All above references to also include and
  • All above references to also include and

Contact us to arrange for an ad swap with your convention. Please mention if you are interested in an ad swap when you contact us.