Ad Formats

Standard Units

Leaderboard 728 x 90   Top of pages; also on bottom of convention listings
Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600   Right side of pages (except forums)
Medium Rectangle 300 x 250   Top-right of home page

Basic Specifications

Image Types: GIF, JPEG (.JPG), PNG, Flash (.SWF)
Max. File Size: 20k, Flash 30k
Animation: Yes
Animation Time: No limit
Alternate Text: 30 characters
3rd Party Ad Serving: Yes
Pop-ups/Pop-unders: No
Expandable/Floating Ads: No
Rich Media Options: Flash, Polite Download, In Banner Streaming

Additional Specifications

  • Linking URLs:
    Must be domain name based and cannot be an IP address (i.e. http://207.123.456.78)

  • Audio:
    Audio ads must be user initiated, by mouse click, across all properties and all screens and must include clearly visible mute / stop function buttons.

  • 3rd Party Tracking:
    We must be able to track page views and all click-throughs.

  • Podcast Advertising:
    Contact your Campaign Manager for details and specifications related to sponsoring or advertising in our podcasts.