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October 19-21, 2018
Davis Conference Center

Anime Banzai is Utah's premier and largest Anime Convention. A 3-day weekend featuring attendee oriented events such as, Celebrity Guests, Gaming Competitions, Scavenger Hunts, Panels, Cosplay, an Arcade, and much More!

Anime Banzai creates a family friendly environment. Centered around the education and expansion of Anime Pop-culture in America and Utah. Banzai is proud to showcase the talents of both local and out-of-state artists in a dedicated Artist Alley. Celebrity Guests include famous voice actors, artists, and talents from within the Anime industry.

Anime Banzai has events running from dawn until dusk, featuring entertainment such as our Formal Dance, Less-than-formal Dance, a Second Hand Sale opportunity, Main Stage events, Celebrity Guests, and more.

Satisfy your urge for competition by participating in our AMV Contest, Video Game Tournaments, Cosplay Competition, Artistic Competitions, and Talent Show.

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Anime Banzai

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