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AMG-Chan [visit site]

May 26-27, 2018
South City Plaza
Selangor, Malaysia

AniManGaki, one of the largest convention of its kind in Malaysia, is the brainchild of Sunway University Anime Club (SUAC)'s founder, Yvonne Sing Yee Wen. The annual convention made its debut in 2009, formed by fans, for fans; with the sole purpose of bringing together animation, comics, and gaming (ACG) enthusiasts of all ages. Branded as "The Trendsetter", AniManGaki continues to surprise visitors by bringing new contents to the event each year.

Due to its continued success, AMG-Chan was created with similar visions to extend more opportunities for growth in the Malaysian ACG scene.

At-Door Rates:
Both days: RM25
Sat: RM15
Sun: RM15


Previous/Future Events:
AniManGaki 2015  August 29-30, 2015
AniManGaki 2016  August 27-28, 2016
AniManGaki 2017  August 19-20, 2017
AMG-Chan 2018  May 26-27, 2018
AniManGaki 2018  August 18-19, 2018

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Last updated: 2018-05-17