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January 27, 2007
Days Inn State College

Setsucon, located in the geographical center of Pennsylvania, is a first time anime convention catering to the students of Penn State University and the surrounding community. Located at the State College Days Inn, in State College, PA, Setsucon is within walking distance of the University Park Campus (Main Campus) of Penn State University.

Setsucon is hosted by the Penn State Anime Organization (PSAO). Since September 2001, the PSAO has been bringing anime, manga and Japanese pop culture to the University Park campus. Working to provide both weekly screenings and a social environment for Penn State's anime/manga fan base, the PSAO is continually broadening its horizons. The PSAO meetings serve multiple functions, including our free weekly anime screenings. We also arrange trips to conventions, have club social events, facilitate DDR events on campus, and much much more!

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$12 through Jan 6, 2007

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Nov 12, 2006 - Setsucon changes to a one-day event


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