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Anime Banzai

August 31 - September 1, 2007
Sheraton City Centre Hotel

Anime Banzai is sponsored by The End of the World Anime Club located at the Salt Lake Community College. It's our one big event that our club does. In 2005 the first Anime Banzai was held and we reached 600 attendees, which was double what we had expected. Even though The End of the World is in charge of Banzai anyone is welcome to head up a commitee, volunteer the day of, be a panelist or just show up and have fun!

There is a large anime fanbase in Utah, but sadly, not many places for anime fans to come together, hang out, and have fun! With Anime Banzai, we're hoping to bring anime/manga and video/card games together for a day of fun. With your support, one day we'll be able to expand to a full three-day convention.

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Advance Rates:
$20 by May 1; $25 by Jul 20

At-Door Rates:
$30 weekend; $15 Fri; $20 Sat

Artbeat (Band)
Michael Dobson (Voice Actor, Makena Cove Entertainment Group Ltd.)
Ichidan (Live Theatre Group, Ichidan, Inc.)
Amy Reeder (Artist) cancelled

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