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November 10-11, 2007
Fort Mason Center

Originally known as the Japantown Anime Faire, JTAF was founded by Ray Nagar as a party where fans of Japanese animation could congregate to view film and video releases from Japan in the company of fellow fans. The concept quickly changed to that of a convention when members of the Japantown business community discussed the idea and wished to sponsor events at the "party." As the event ideas took shape, more and more people signed on to assist with the party and the Japantown Anime Faire was born. Over time, fans have affectionately come to know the Japantown Anime faire as JTAF (pronounced "Jay-taff").

Expanding its reach to more than just Japanese animation, the Japantown Anime Faire has adopted its call letters to represent itself and the California region it serves. JTAF Bay Area serves the San Francisco Bay Area and has expanded its video and live programming content to include Japanese Rock (J-Rock), Japanese special effects programs (Tokusatsu), Asian films and videos and toys.

JTAF is a Project 760 Event and is sponsored in part by Sacramento Comics, Funimation Productions, Broccoli International, USA, Ani-Jam, LLC, Nisei Week Foundation, Japan Video & Media and the Japantown Merchants Association.

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Advance Rates:
$32 through Oct 31, 2007

At-Door Rates:
Both days: $35

Akai SKY (Band)
Eurobeat Kasumi (Cosplay Photographer)
Quarter-Circle Jab (Band)
The Shogunate (Band)
Stephanie Yanez (Singer / Songwriter)

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