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Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits

Convention with Anime

September 27-29, 2002
Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Schoolgirls & Mobilesuits is a Weekend Intensive study in the culture and creation of Japanese Manga (Comics) and Anime (Animation). Participants will be wholly immersed in the culture of Japanese Manga and Anime through film screenings, lectures, and a Masterclass Drawing session.

Phil Anderson (Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)
Dr. Marc Hairston (Writer, Animerica)
Ke Jiang (Art Director, That Game Company)
Erik Lervold (Painter)
Dr. Frenchy Lunning (Professor of Liberal Arts, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)
Dr. Susan Napier (Professor / Author, University of Texas at Austin)
Brian Ruh (Author / Webmaster,
Dr. Masami Toku (Assistant Professor of Art and History, CSU Chico)
Dr. Wendy Suiyi Wong (Assistant Professor of Design, York University Toronto)

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