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Anime Banzai

October 21-23, 2011
Davis Conference Center

Anime Banzai is an educational convention focusing on Japanese anime (animation), manga (comics) and culture. Anime Banzai is sponsored by Utah Anime Promotions, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing the culture, art and fun of Japan to Utah. In 2005, the first Anime Banzai was held and we reached 600 attendees, which was double what we had expected. In 2009, we had around 3000 fans join us and we had another excellent year in 2010. Now we are working on making our 2011 convention even better!

The goal of Anime Banzai is to bring an event to Utah where fans can come together to celebrate Japan and Japanese Culture in a fun, safe, family friendly atmosphere. To that end we hold our convention three days each year with panels, events, and contests that will let fans enjoy their favorite aspects of Anime and Japanese popular culture.

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Advance Rates:
$20 through Jul 7; $30 through Sep 7

At-Door Rates:
$40 weekend; $25 Fri; $30 Sat; $20 Sun

Brad Beachell (Voice Actor, DragonFleet Studios )
Matt Cole (Voice Actor, DragonFleet Studios)
COO-Interactive Entertainment (Interactive Events)
Preston Cowley (Voice Actor, DragonFleet Studios / 3G Studios)
Tanglwyst De Holloway (Costumer, Fantastic Journeys Publishing)
Christopher Escalante (Composer / Voice Actor, Escalante Music)
Chuck Huber (Voice Actor)
April Nunez (Voice Actress, DragonFleet Studios)
Steve "Warky" Nunez (Voice Actor / Pianist / Comedian, DragonFleet Studios)
Wendy Pini (Artist / Writer, ElfQuest)
Jan Scott-Frazier (Director / Translator / Jane-of-all-trades)
Lisle Wilkerson (Voice Actress / Media Correspondent / Interpreter, LW Entertainment)

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Anime Banzai

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