Information on U-Con at UConn 2010

U-Con at UConn

February 5-7, 2010
University of Connecticut, Student Union

U-Con is a convention based around anime, games, video games, movies, music, and just about any other area of entertainment in the world. It is a three-day event that will start on Friday February 5th and end on Sunday February 7th. During this time, there will be tons of activities for participants including: anime and movie screenings, casual video games as well as tournaments, tabletop games, card games, board games, guest speakers from the entertainment industry, panels open for discussion on a variety of topics, and a multitude of performances both user supported and professional. There will also be a "vendor's room" open during the entire convention where people can either show and display their goods for sale (relative to the convention itself), or con-goers can walk around, browse, and maybe purchase an item or two.

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Doug Walker (Internet Video Creator)

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