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November 3-6, 2011
Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI

Youmacon 2011 is a go. Metro Detroit's first and only anime convention is returning for its seventh year, and it's better than ever. Here at Youmacon, over 9000 otaku from Michigan and beyond, meet anime voice actors face to face, compete for masquerade and cosplay trophies and shop for treasures of their favorite fandom.

10,375 warm bodies

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Overall Rating: 4.7 stars (based on less than ten member ratings)

At-Door Rates:
$50 weekend; $20 Fri; $30 Sat; $20 Sun

Sola "BurnYourBra" Adesui (Gamer, Dominion Method Gaming)
Arc Impulse (Band)
Curtis Arnott (Voice Actor / Writer, Team Four Star)
Tia Ballard (Voice Actress)
Martin Billany (Voice Actor / Anime Parody Creator)
Ryan "Inthul" Burke (Gamer, Dominion Method Gaming)
James Carter Cathcart (Voice Actor)
Ben Creighton (Amateur Voice Actor, Team Four Star)
Scott Frerichs (Amateur Voice Actor, Team Four Star)
Yan "Kern" Gagne (Artist / Writer, Drowtales)
Fred Gallagher (Comic Artist, Fredart)
Mary "Kite" Garren (Colorist, Drowtales)
Caitlin Glass (Voice Actress / ADR Director)
Eduardo "PR Balrog" Pérez-Frangie Izquierdo (Gamer, Dominion Method Gaming)
Josh Keaton (Voice Actor)
Anthony Kresky (Site Admin, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series)
Nick Landis (Amateur Voice Actor, Team Four Star)
Reuben Langdon (Actor / Stuntman)
Lemon Demon (Band)
Lewis Lovhaug (Comic Book Critic)
Rene "Kor" Maisty (Gamer, Dominion Method Gaming)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Christopher Robin Miller (Voice Actor)
Marianne Miller (Voice Actress)
Chris Niosi (Voice Actor)
Rhonda "Tranquil" Patterson (Colorist, Drowtales)
Potter Puppet Pals (Puppetmasters)
Powerglove (Band)
Lawrence Simpson (Voice Actor / Video Editor, Team Four Star)
Marc Soskin (Amateur Voice Actor)
Jon St. John (Voice Actor)
Sonny Strait (Voice Actor / Director / Illustrator)
Corinne Sudberg (Amateur Voice Actor, Team Four Star)
Brad Swaile (Voice Actor, Ocean Studios)
Michael "Mookie" Terracciano (Web Comic Artist, Dominic Deegan)
Tom Wayland (ADR Director, TripWire Productions)
36 guests listed

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Sep 30, 2011 - Youmacon announces guest list


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