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Phoenix Comicon

Comic Convention with Anime, Costume, SciFi, Steampunk and TV

May 24-27, 2012
Phoenix Convention Center

Organized by Square Egg Entertainment

Phoenix Comicon is the signature pop culture event of the southwest.

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Tony Amendola (Actor)
Jamie Bamber (Actor)
Peter S. Beagle (Author / Screenwriter)
Jon Bernthal (Actor)
Paul Bradford (Ghost Hunter)
Jeremy Bulloch (Actor)
LeVar Burton (Actor)
Jim Cheung (Comic Book Artist)
Fon Davis (Visual Effects / Model Maker, Fonco)
Michael Dorn (Actor)
David Doub (Comic Writer, Dusk Comics)
Colin Ferguson (Actor)
Lou Ferrigno (Actor, The Incredible Hulk)
Maile Flanagan (Voice Actress)
Quinton Flynn (Voice Actor)
Gil Gerard (Actor)
Erin Gray (Actress)
Greg Horn (Artist)
Kazha (Band)
Phil LaMarr (Actor)
Greg Land (Comic Artist)
Dina Meyer (Actress)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Chris Patton (Voice Actor)
George Perez (Comic Artist / Writer)
Brian Pulido (Writer / Producer / Director)
William Shatner (Actor)
Marina Sirtis (Actress)
Brent Spiner (Actor)
Arthur Suydam (Comic Artist / Table Hoarder)
Scott Tepperman (Ghost Hunter)
Billy Tucci (Comic Artist / Writer, Crusade Fine Arts, Ltd.)
Armand Villavert Jr. (Artist)
Wil Wheaton (Writer / Actor)
34 guests listed

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Phoenix Comicon

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