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Auto Assembly

Toy Show with Anime and TV

August 3-5, 2012
Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel

Auto Assembly 2012 is coming! We are working hard to bring you Europe's biggest and best ever Transformers convention for 2012! We have looked back at every Auto Assembly since 2000 to see what have been some of the most successful activities and events that we have run, what things we want to bring back but need changing and what we can improve from each and every year and we are trying to bring you plenty of new ideas too! That's not all though… we want to bring you a great selection of guests and we've listened to who YOU want to see next year and we will be joined by at least THREE voice actors, plenty of great comic guests and a goodie bag the likes of which you have never seen before!

Advance Rates:
£45 by ?

Michael Bell (Voice Actor)
Jason Cardy (Colorist)
Townsend Coleman (Voice Actor)
Simon Furman (Writer)
Simon Williams (Artist)

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Auto Assembly

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