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Hawaii Entertainment Expo

Costume Convention with Anime, Gaming, SciFi and Video Games

October 20-21, 2012
Aloha Tower Marketplace

Starting Saturday afternoon on October 20, 2012 and ending that Sunday night, Aloha Tower Marketplace will morph into a 2-day costuming and concert festival.

The 3rd annual Hawaii Entertainment Expo (HEX), a locally based costuming and gaming convention has partnered up with Babel Entertainment, a J-rock/J-pop concert guest powerhouse along with Oni-Con, a Texas based anime and multi-genre convention to bring these once in a lifetime guests to Hawaii.

Advance Rates:
$55 through ?

Laura Butler (United States Organizer, World Cosplay Summit)
The Earthbound Papas (Band)
Arata Hanyuda (Musician)
Yoshitaka Hirota (Composer)
Andy Lee (Artist, Paperbrush Studios)
DJ MaRia (Disc jockey)
Megumi Nakajima (Singer / Voice Actress)
Tsutomu Narita (Composer / Keyboardist, Earthbound Papas)
Michio Okamiya (Guitarist, Earthbound Papas)
Lynleigh Sato (Costumer, Sweet Rococo)
Nobuo Uematsu (Composer, Smile Please Co.)

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Hawaii Entertainment Expo

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