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Daycon Clarksville

September 22, 2012
The Riverview Inn

Daycon Clarksville is Clarksville, Tennessee's very own family-friendly, anime convention! In August 2010, Daycon had its first year and it was a huge success, and last year's convention was even bigger! Which proves that Clarksville is filled with anime fans who are just waiting to have some geeky fun! Throw in the out-of-state otaku who have visited us from near and far, and it's sure to be a blast!

It's time to get ready for Daycon 2012! This year Daycon will be taking place at the Riverview Inn on September 22nd. We will be bringing back our signature events like the Cats Are Us Charity Raffle and the Ramune Drinking Tournament, along with some new panels and events.

Dr3amland (Band)
My Parents Favorite Music (Band)

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Daycon Clarksville

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