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August 30 - September 2, 2013
Boyd Memorial Camp Site and Activity Centre

The year is 2003. An August summer sun beats down on the bright green grass that covers the camp site out in the wilderness. There is a moment of peace and quiet while the trees shimmer in the little breeze that flows between them, the land ready for the next round of happy campers. What arrived in their masses was not what anyone would have ever expected! Hoards of anime and manga fans descended on the once tranquil camp site, with their massive tents, water pistols, and costumes, all gathering for an event unique in its making. The outcome was something no one could have ever expected, fans once limited to hotels and conference centres were out in the open, and liking it! The monster that was born could never be tamed!

Ten years ago the concept of an anime festival was born! Going from pillar to post, through all the highs and the lows, the concept still runs to this day. As with time, everything grows, and that can also be said for a simple concept, that has now grown into the Kraken that we all know and love to this day.... AND IT IS BACK!

We the committee of Tokonatsu are proud to announce that we will be back, bigger and better than before, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and we invite you along to the celebration!

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