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November 15-16, 2013
Columbus State University, Davidson Student Center

You can't talk about Nerdacon without first talking about the Campus Nerds, the largest organization at Columbus State University. We are an organization that embraces all special interests and gives its members a community of like minded invidiviuals. It was decided that we would create a day to celebrate this community on a large scale. Earlier attempts had been made with smaller-scale conventions, but they were more focused and had very little grandeur about them. Thus, Nerdacon v1 was born. It was held in March of 2007 and had an attendance of 1500 people with under a month of advertising. Since then there have been five more Nerdacons, each more successful than the last. This year we intend to try and do our best to have the best convention yet with v7, and with your help, I'm sure we can.

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