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September 27-29, 2013
Canal Club

RVACON was an idea without a name or direction until the summer of 2012. Business Partners Jimmy Budd and Alex Gentile got together and planned out how they could go about putting together a fun convention that brought together various aspects of the artistic community around them. From scratch they developed the organizational structure that would be the foundation or A-Team that would spearhead this idea into reality. Through countless hours of drafting business plans, marketing, promotional, and organizational paperwork it was finally time for Jimmy and Alex to build a team. This was no ordinary team that one may think that is comprised of eager volunteers. This team was to be built as an unstoppable force of knowledge, passion, responsibility, and ultimately a team built around having fun. In an effort to utilize expertise in various fields, Jimmy and Alex decided that we wanted to stand out from other cons and bring several elements to the table, and with that choice they needed a leader in each element.

Advance Rates:
$25 until Sep 26

Chipocrite (Musical Performer)
Eien Strife (Band)

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Previous/Future Events:
RVACon 2013  September 27-29, 2013
RVACon 2014  October 24-26, 2014

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