Information on AVCon 2014


July 18-20, 2014
Adelaide Convention Centre
Adelaide, SA Australia

AVCon is Adelaide's premier Anime and Video Games Convention. It is a non-for-profit event organised and run by a dedicated group of volunteers, known as Team AVCon. Founded in 2001, the convention has been held annually since 2002, and was initially located at the Adelaide University in the heart of the CBD.

As a result of its continued popularity AVCon moved to the Adelaide Convention Centre in 2009 to allow for a greater number of attendees. AVCon fans responded to the change in location by attending en-mass, with over 6,000 people through the doors over the course of the weekend. The 2009 AVCon was a fantastic start at its new location. Since then numbers have risen to 14,000+ people through the door (AVCon 2011). The larger venue allows AVCon to present its attendees with more of the anime, manga, video games, vendors, cosplay, Japanese popculture, related art and other favourite and new events.

All this comes with one upfront cost at the entrance. Once within AVCon, our attendees are only asked to pay for food, drink and any items they wish to take home. All video games, anime screenings, entry into events (either as a contestant or an audience member) are covered in the entry fee.

Cherami Leigh (Voice Actress)
Jon St. John (Voice Actor)

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