Information on Ninxa Otaku: SaikoroWars 2014

Ninxa Otaku: SaikoroWars

Gaming Convention with Anime

February 7, 2014
Bahrain International Circuit
Sakhir, Bahrain

Unlike the other boring events, SaikoroWars aims to have you busy all day long with the HUGE variety of activities, games, and contests we have collectively gathered on one condition, your enjoyment! Whether you're a fan of Anime, wearing Costumes, playing Arcades, or Tabletop games; we got you covered. Our Anime and Cosplay fans are going to face various activities to fulfil their time, and might not want to leave! We scratched the gaming zone and instead installed the addicting competitive Arcade games. This Year we intend to highly focus on Tabletop and Board games, up to 20 different games for your enjoyment and another major 40+ players board game (a secret for now).

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Advance Rates:
BHD 5.5 through Feb 6, 2014

At-Door Rates:
BHD 7.5

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Ninxa Otaku: SaikoroWars

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