Information on Northwest Fan Fest 2014

Northwest Fan Fest

June 27-29, 2014
University of British Columbia

Northwest Fan Fest is the 2014 official remix of Anime Evolution, Cos & Effect, and Vancouver Gaming Expo. It is our goal to cater to many diverse interests, hobbies and fandoms, including anime, all kinds of gaming, cosplay, comics, sci-fi, fantasy and general pop culture.

Advance Rates:
$35 through Dec 26; $45 through May 16

At-Door Rates:
$55 weekend; $30 Fri; $35 Sat; $30 Sun

Linda Ballantyne (Voice Actress)
Crystal Graziano (Cosplayer)
Faye Mata (Video Game Champion)
Toby Proctor (Voice Actor)
John Stocker (Voice Actor / Director)
Ciarán Strange (Singer)

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Northwest Fan Fest

Previous/Future Events:
Northwest Fan Fest 2014  June 27-29, 2014
2015  May 29-31, 2015
2016 (Cancelled)  July 8-10, 2016

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