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Gaming Convention with Anime

April 11-13, 2014
University at Buffalo North Campus, Student Union

UBCon was started by a club at the University at Buffalo called the Strategists and Role Players Association (SARPA). This club was originally founded so that students at the university could meet and game with others who have the same interests as they do. With the creation of this club came the idea to create a convention so that others could also enjoy gaming with one another but in a 3 day convention setting.

After 24 years of building a legacy, UB Con is still running strong as ever having brought in 1000 con attendees this past year. Past guests include the Voice Actors of Zim, Gir, and Gaz from the television show "Invader Zim", Jess Hartley author for White Wolf, Zombie Buddy Productions, Eric Vale whom voices Trunks from "Dragon Ball Z" as well as many other anime characters!

The Convention itself is run by a student at the university every year so the Director of the Convention changes on a year to year basis, based on an electoral process. This process decides the clubs executive board for the coming year, whom ever is the Vice President of the club is considered the Con Director and will be running the convention that year. This is a process that makes the convention very unique because different people have different visions for the convention.

Scott Frerichs (Voice Actor, TeamFourStar)
Nick Landis (Voice Actor, TeamFourStar)
Lawrence Simpson (Voice Actor / Video Editor, TeamFourStar)
Eric Vale (Voice Actor)

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