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June 27-29, 2014
Fredericton Convention Centre
Fredericton, NB

We're back in 2014 for our 10th year, and we invite you to join over a thousand of your fellow fans as we hold our event in Fredericton to celebrate all things anime, manga, and gaming. Expect to see special guests as well as activities encompassing a variety of anime and video game related events such as discussion panels, workshops, showings and tournaments. Extra special events are planned to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! This year, to celebrate 10 years of anime and gaming in the maritimes, Animaritime's theme is "Get Ready for Retro". Showing old school anime, retro video games, and busting out the spandex and foam for our Ronin Warriors costumes, Animaritime will be celebrating the origins of our fandom. Whether you grew up during the anime revolution, or just want to know more about how the fandom has evolved, we hope you participate in and enjoy our 2014 theme!

Kyle Hebert (Voice Actor)

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