Information on Awesome Con DC 2015

Awesome Con DC

Comic Convention

May 29-31, 2015
Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Awesome Con is a place for fans of popular culture. At its heart, Awesome Con is a comic-con that embraces all aspects of geekdom and pop culture, with a wide assortment of comic books, collectibles, toys, games, original art, cosplay, and more. Special events include discussion panels, costume contests, trivia contests, gaming tournaments, and tons of activities for kids.

Ani-Mia (Cosplayer)
Karan Ashley (Actress)
Sean Astin (Actor)
Kristin Bauer van Straten (Actress)
Michael Biehn (Actor / Director)
Emma Caulfield (Actress)
Cam Clarke (Voice Actor)
Jim Cummings (Voice Actor)
Arthur Darvill (Actor)
Tony Fleecs (Comic Writer / Artist)
Grant Imahara (Host / Robot Expert)
Walter E. Jones (Actor)
Alex Kingston (Actress)
Phil LaMarr (Actor)
James Marsters (Actor)
Jason Mewes (Actor)
Rob Paulsen (Voice Actor)
John Rhys-Davies (Actor)
William Shatner (Actor)
Rikki Simons (Artist / Voice Actor, Studio Tavicat)
Dana Snyder (Voice Actor)
Austin St. John (Actor)
George Takei (Actor)
Ben Templesmith (Comic Creator)
David Yost (Actor)
YuffieBunny (Cosplayer)
26 guests listed

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Awesome Con DC

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