Information on Otaku Festival 2015

Otaku Festival

May 9-10, 2015
Romanian-American University
București, Romania

Otaku Festival 2015: "Old vs. New" gives an oldies twist to the up-to-the-minute trends in our beautiful OTAKU subculture. On May 9-10 2015, with great responsibility and delight, we'll make evident why our obsessive long-term work endorsed us as one of the biggest Otaku subculture & co-creative HUBS in the world.

Our worldwide platforms Cosplay GEN and Otaku MAG confirmed our might and merit, after connecting creative artists, editors, translators, curators, students, professors, readers, designers, data scientists, media theoreticians, digital culture critics, cultural workers, creative firms, fan communities, photographers and so many more from all corners of the world.

This year we're honored and excited to collaborate for Otaku Festival 2015 with wonderful artists dedicated to cosplay, manga, illustration, music, photography, games, fashion� AND we'll also collaborate with local and international independent conventions/events/platforms to bring new activities and develop the future of the worldwide Otaku community.

At Otaku Festival 2015, the attendees and guests will take part in this major transformation and development of the Otaku worldwide community network, not only as simple participants, but also as direct co-creative contributors to the magnificent future landscape of our community.

Get ready for your contribution to Otaku Festival 2015!

Reika (Cosplayer)

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Otaku Festival

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