Information on Orlando Nerd Fest 2014

Orlando Nerd Fest

Video Gaming Convention with Gaming and SciFi

August 7-11, 2014
Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside

Armcannon (Musicians)
Dr. Awkward (Rapper)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice Actor)
Richie Branson (Music Producer)
Dj Cutman (Disc Jockey)
Descendants of Erdrick (Band)
The Doubleclicks (Band)
The Earthbound Papas (Band)
Eyeshine (Band)
MC Frontalot (Musician)
Mega Ran (Musician)
My Parents Favorite Music (Band)
Professor Shyguy (Musician)
Random Encounter (Band)
The Great Luke Ski (Musician)
Soup or Villainz (Band)
StarF (Musician)
Steam Powered Giraffe (Band)
Nobuo Uematsu (Composer, Smile Please Co.)
YTCracker (Rapper)

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Orlando Nerd Fest

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Orlando Nerd Fest 2014  August 7-11, 2014
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