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February 26-28, 2016
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX

Anime Matsuri is an annual anime, Japanese culture and related arts convention hosted at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. Join thousands of fans and explore of over 1,500,000 sq feet of anime, panels, workshops, Special Guests, celebrities, Vendor/Exhibitor area, Artist Alley/showcase, live concerts, Japanese fashion Show, Cosplay Contests, Gaming, and over 500 hrs of programming including a Japanese car show!

28,270 paid attendees (30,215 warm bodies)

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Advance Rates:
$40 through May 1, 2015
$47.60 through Jun 1, 2015
$50 + fee through Jul 16, 2015
$55 + fee through Sep 16, 2015
$60 + fee through Dec 16, 2015
$67.90 through Jan 6, 2016

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $70
Fri: $50
Sat: $50
Sun: $30

Akira (Fashion Model / Singer, Disacode)
Ani-Mia (Cosplayer)
Misako Aoki (Ambassador of Cute)
Astarohime (Cosplayer)
Angela Bermúdez (Cosplayer)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice Actor)
David Brehm (Director / Writer / Producer / Musician, Blue Logic LLC)
Stella Chuu (Cosplayer)
Leah Clark (Voice Actress, FUNimation Entertainment)
Dario (Cosplayer)
Lance Falk (Designer)
Yuegene Fay (Cosplayer)
Goldy (Cosplayer)
Shunsuke Hasegawa (Designer)
Hitomi (Cosplayer)
Kelly Hu (Actress)
Chuck Huber (Voice Actor)
Kaname (Cosplayer)
Shinichi Kurita (Animator)
Linda Le (Cosplayer)
Lana Marie (Cosplayer)
Mike McFarland (Voice Actor / Director / Line Producer)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Yui Minakata (Model)
Tae Yeon Minemes (Cosplayer)
Morning Musume (Musical Group)
Enji Night (Cosplayer)
Ram Rider (Disc Jockey)
Reika (Cosplayer)
Shiva (Atelier Boz)
Yuzuru Tachikawa (Director / Storyboard Artist)
Brian Tee (Actor)
Christian Tremblay (Animator)
Yvon Tremblay (Animator)
Jennifer Van Damsel (Cosplayer)
David Vincent (Voice Actor)
Waveya (Dancers)
Bill Winans (Armor Maker)
Stephanie Young (Voice Actress)
39 guests listed

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Anime Matsuri

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