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Gaming Convention with Anime and Video Games

July 29-31, 2016
Hamilton Convention Centre

ConBravo! is a celebration of all things geek, with a focus on YouTube, gaming, and cosplay. Come out for three days of fun, connect with your favourite YouTube producers, and see some great content including guest panels, live events like Archery Tag, our enormous gaming rooms, and our vendors, artists, and indie game developers!

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Advance Rates:
$35 through Mar 1, 2016
$40 through Jun 1, 2016
$45 through Jul 1, 2016

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $50
Fri: $25
Sat: $40
Sun: $25

The 404s (Improv Comedy Group)
ALB (Illustrator)
Curtis Arnott (Voice Actor / Writer, TeamFourStar)
Brentalfloss (Musician)
Candy Cosplay (Cosplayer)
Ryan Consell (Costumer)
Dj Cutman (Disc Jockey)
Reese "Lucahjin" Dressler (YouTube Personality)
Andrew Gregoire (Character Animator / Humorist)
DJ Janos (Disc Jockey)
LoadingReadyRun (Online Video Creators)
Lewis Lovhaug (Comic Book Critic)
Jonathan Potts (Actor)
Cynthia Preston (Actress)
James Ronald (Musician)
Emile "Chuggaaconroy" Rosales (Gamer, The Runaway Guys)
Chris Sabat (Voice Actor)
Anthony Sardinha (Voice Actor, TeamFourStar)
Lee Scion (Cosplayer)
VickyBunnyAngel (Cosplayer)
Jonathan Wheeler (Gamer, The Runaway Guys)

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