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March 26-27, 2005
Georgia Tech Student Center

MomoCon, Anime O-Tekku's annual anime and gaming convention.
Featured in Newtype USA February 2005 issue (Club Spotlight)!

700 warm bodies (estimated)

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At-Door Rates:
Both days: Free

Brent Allison (Associate Professor, University of North Georgia)
Robert E. Bean (Prop maker)
Boompy (Web Comic Artist, UpDown Studio)
Jennie Breeden (Web Comic Author, The Devil's Panties)
Keith Burgess (Manga Entertainment) cancelled
Allison Carmichael (Web Comic Artist)
Greg Carter (Web Comic Author, Abandon: First Vampire)
M. Carter (Web Comic Author, UpDown Studio)
Clickteam (Game developers)
Gamesare (Video Game Developers)
Yaya Han (Cosplayer) cancelled
Hatsuma (Webcomic Artist, Spiral Arm 6)
Angel Hill (Web Comic Artist, Soul Air)
Amy Howard-Wilson (Voice Actress)
Jawaboy (Web Comic Writer, Counter Culture)
Kittyhawk (Web Comic Artist, Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki)
Nightmare Armor Studios (Costumers)
Omi (Web Comic Artist, Counter Culture)
Tantara "Tani" Person (Artist, eX-O Studio)
Purrsia Press (Publisher)
Terminus Media (Publisher)
Sith Vixen (Costumer)

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