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April 23-24, 2016
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

What does "Tora" mean? The mascot here at RIT is the tiger, and tiger in Japanese is the word tora. Put that together with "convention" and you get Tora-Con! Tora-con is an annual convention celebrating Japanese anime culture run by student volunteers of the RIT Anime Club. Since it began nearly 12 years ago, Tora-Con has grown into a major event with thousands of attendees from all over the country every year. We welcome fans of all ages and hope you will join us this year.

Bryn Apprill (Voice Actress)
Steven Blum (Voice Actor)
Chalk Twins (Chalk Artists)
Clifford Chapin (Voice Actor)
Richard Epcar (Voice Actor)
Todd Haberkorn (Voice Actor)
Uncle Yo (Comedian)

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