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December 16-18, 2016
Hyatt Regency O'Hare

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CAD is a weekend focused on some really epic special events, and really great special guests. Join us in our maid cafe, go to panels with fantastic voice actors, and hang out with the best group ever.

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Advance Rates:
$30 through May 30, 2016
$37 through Jul 30, 2016
$42 through Sep 30, 2016
$47 through Nov 20, 2016
$50 through Dec 19, 2016

At-Door Rates:
All 3 days: $50
Fri: $35
Sat: $40
Sun: $30

Greg Ayres (Voice Actor)
Daniel Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Jillian Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
D.C. Douglas (Actor)
Chuck Huber (Voice Actor)
Kid Yuki and the Otakus (Band)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Derek Stephen Prince (Voice Actor)
V is for Villains (Band)
Shinichi Watanabe (Director)
Gareth West (Voice Actor)
Greg Wicker (Game Show Host, Greggo's Game Shows)

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