Information on FanExpo Canada 2017

FanExpo Canada [visit site]

Comic Convention with Anime, Horror, SciFi and Video Games

August 31 - September 3, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Organized by Informa Exhibitions

Considered by many to be the "Comic Con" of Canada, FAN EXPO Canada humbly began as the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in 1995.

Stephen Amell (Actor)
Ani-Mia (Cosplayer)
Troy Baker (Voice Actor) cancelled
John Barrowman (Actor)
Nick Bradshaw (Artist)
Brentalfloss (Musician)
Sarah Wayne Callies (Actress)
Bruce Campbell (Actor)
Greg Capullo (Illustrator)
Tom Cavanagh (Actor)
Charlet Chung (Voice Actress)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (Voice Actress / Director / Line Producer)
Richard Comely (Artist / Writer)
Anthony Daniels (Actor)
Felicia Day (Actress)
Rob DenBleyker (Web Comic Creator, Cyanide & Happiness)
Kara Eberle (Voice Actress)
Nathan Fillion (Actor)
Dave Filoni (Executive Producer, Lucasfilm)
Victor Garber (Actor) cancelled
Karen Gillan (Actress) cancelled
Josh Grelle (Voice Actor)
Todd Haberkorn (Voice Actor) cancelled
Jennifer Hale (Voice Actress / Singer)
Chad Hardin (Artist)
David Hayter (Voice Actor / Writer)
Anthony Head (Actor)
Heather 1337 (Cosplayer)
Jason Isaacs (Actor)
Phil Jimenez (Comic Writer / Artist)
Amy Jo Johnson (Actress)
Doug Jones (Actor)
Maurice LaMarche (Voice Actor)
Erik Larsen (Comic Creator)
Riki "Riddle" LeCotey (Cosplayer)
Jae Lee (Comic Artist)
Jim Lee (Comic Artist / Writer / Editor / Publisher)
Monika Lee (Cosplayer)
Matthew Lewis (Actor) cancelled
Vanessa Marshall (Voice Actress)
James Marsters (Actor) cancelled
Sonequa Martin-Green (Actress)
Gaten Matarazzo (Actor)
Ed McGuinness (Comic Artist)
Caleb McLaughlin (Actor)
Steve McNiven (Comic Artist)
Jason Mewes (Actor)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Amanda C. Miller (Voice Actress)
Bob Morley (Actor)
Jessica Nigri (Cosplayer)
Nolan North (Voice Actor)
Paige O'Hara (Voice Actress)
Bryce Papenbrook (Voice Actor)
Yanick Paquette (Artist)
Dan Parent (Comic Artist)
Khary Payton (Actor)
Billie Piper (Actress)
Eric Powell (Comic Artist)
Humberto Ramos (Comic Artist)
David Ramsey (Actor)
Norman Reedus (Actor)
Marco Rudy (Artist)
Fernando Ruiz (Artist)
Chris Sabat (Voice Actor)
Sean Schemmel (Voice Actor)
Lee Scion (Cosplayer)
Matt Smith (Actor)
Brian Stelfreeze (Artist, Studio Gaijin)
Catherine Tate (Actress)
James Arnold Taylor (Voice Actor)
Ty Templeton (Artist/Writer)
LeeAnna Vamp (Cosplayer)
Cerina Vincent (Actress)
Paul Wesley (Actor) cancelled
Arryn Zech (Voice Actress)
Mike Zeck (Artist)
77 guests listed

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FanExpo Canada

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