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October 21-23, 2005
The Purple Hotel

For years, the Japanese Anime and American comic book cultures have lived in separate realms. Enter REACTOR, a convention created to promote understanding and education of these two cultures in order to provide both fan groups the opportunity to explore similarities and influences. Creative fan panels, informative seminars, and high-energy social activities make REACTOR attractive to those new to pop culture fandom as well as those already in-the-know.

1,500 paid attendees (estimated)

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Advance Rates:
$20 through May 14; $30 until Oct 1; $90 Gold Pass; $125 Platinum Pass

At-Door Rates:
$40 weekend; $20 Fri or Sat; $10 Sun

Jason Alnas (Geneon Entertainment)
Steve Bennett (Co-Founder, Studio Ironcat)
C.B. Cebulski (Senior Vice President of Creative & Creator Development, Marvel Comics)
Melita Curphy (Artist / Sculptor / Animator)
Robert DeJesus (Artist / Writer / Character Designer, Studio Capsule)
Rivkah Greulich (Artist / Writer, Steady Beat)
Takeshi Miyazawa (Manga Artist/Writer)
Richard Pini (Editor / Writer, ElfQuest)
Wendy Pini (Artist / Writer, ElfQuest)
Felipe Smith (Artist, MBQ)
Gustavo Sorola (Co-Creator / Producer, Red vs Blue, Rooster Teeth Productions)
Steve Yun (Webmaster,
Kathleen Zuelch (Voice Actress / Producer)

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Sep 22, 2005 - announces latest guest updates for Robotech Convention Tour

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