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August 5-6, 2017
Nanfung International Convention & Exhibition Center
Guangzhou, China

YACA Animation Association (YACA = Young Animation and Comic Association) as a civil society organizations, its preparation intention began in 2000, was formally established in April 2003. Mr. Deng Guochen, president of the founding president. The Association is the first in Guangzhou registered in the government of the legal folk animation organization, is also the earliest established in southern China Animation and Animation Association, is China's first recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization approved civil society organizations. The nature of the Association and the purpose of the legislature is based on Chinese culture as the main object, taking into account other cultural exchanges to the Guangzhou administrative region, for domestic and foreign exchanges, and by the majority of cartoon lovers of the group, is a non-profit Social organization. The association business involves professional animation exhibition, cartoon image design, same people sold, original animation peripheral products, original comic show, COSPLAY performances, seiyuu performances, visual band performances, performance agents, website operations, website design and various types of public relations activities planning carried out.

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