Tiger Con 2020 Information

Tiger Con 2020

Tiger Con 2020
May 9-10, 2020 Postponed
James H Rainwater Conference Center
Valdosta, GA

Anime Convention with Comics and Video Gaming programming

Tiger Con is an anime, gaming, cosplay and comic convention which will be held in Valdosta, Georgia. This is our third year hosting the convention. Although we have partnered with the Anime & Manga Club @ VSU, we trace our origins to the Moody Comics and Anime Club on Moody Air Force Base. Moody AFB is the home of the Flying Tigers, and while our convention is not officially connected with the Air Force, we have selected the name Tiger Con to reflect our origins as a base club. Along those same lines, our mascot Tora was designed to evoke the idea of a flying tiger. She has tiger ears, paws and tail, along with a pair of tiger colored wings. She wears a tiger striped dress in the colors of the Air Force's camouflage uniform.

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