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Puffy AmiYumi are one of the most famous music icons in Japan, where they are a household name synonymous with all things pop and fun. Featuring dual vocalists Ami and Yumi, the group has reached enormous success with their pop/rock songs, but are also loved for their effortlessly cool and nonchalant fashion styles. Debuted in 1996, the duo are still in high demand after 20 colorful years, glittered with dozens of commercial endorsements, sold-out tours, and a total of 20 million CDs sold to date.

Over the course of their 20-year career, Puffy AmiYumi have released 11 full-length albums, 37 singles, 3 greatest hits albums, 5 special project albums, and 5 North American albums. Puffy AmiYumi have won numerous prestigious awards in Japan including: "Best Newcomer" at the Japan Record Awards (equivalent of the Grammys) and "Pop Album of the Year" at the Japan Gold Disc Awards. Most recently, Puffy AmiYumi have been scheduled to participate in the 67th NHK KĊhaku Uta Gassen taking place on New Year's Eve 2016.

Their fame also extends to the US, where they are well known for performing the theme song to "Teen Titans" and also launching their namesake series, "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" in 2004 on Cartoon Network, which aired in over 110 countries worldwide.

Still at the forefront of pop culture in Japan, Puffy AmiYumi are now celebrating their 20th anniversary with more surprises up their fashionable sleeves.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Expo 2002 - July 4-7 in Long Beach, CA
   Otakon 2005 - August 19-21 in Baltimore, MD
   Japan Expo 2009 - July 2-5 in Paris, France
   New York Comic Con 2010 - October 8-10 in New York, NY
   Anime Boston 2017 - March 31 - April 2 in Boston, MA

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