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Sin Comix, founded in 2002, is made up of 2 artists intent on making their unique mark on the comic industry. Inspired by many various artists and writers they decided that it as time to let their voices and style be heard and seen by not only their close friends and relatives, but the entire world. They decided that it was time to add a little "SIN" into everyone's mix.

Sin Comix produces comics, not only for our enjoyment, but hopefully for everyone else's as well. We try not to focus on one style of comics or only one kind of genre. There are a lot of various things out there and new inspirations that come to us frequently. So to be able to one day tap in on all of that will be a real dream of ours.

Comics are but only one venue of art that we express ourselves in. In the near future, we hope to share with you many of our other projects that we have in lined up for release in the near future. These new projects might include a series of posters, post cards, and other things that might include many of our comics.

Sin Comix has went through many members, but so far it has always remained: illustrator and penciller, Ivory M. and designer, inker, and webmaster Tasha S. We also acquired our head writer, J.Z.Hawk in 2004.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Onna! 2005 - October 8-10 in Newark, NJ

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