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Chris "Kilika" Malone

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Blue and Blond

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Chris "Kilika" Malone is some dude who loves to draw comics. He's probably best known for his surfing webcomic, Blue and Blond, a tale of two surf bums from New Jersey who travel the world with a surfing guinea pig. He took a hiatus from that story to test the waters in the kid's book market with the Misadventures of Box Cat and Punky Puppy, which is an epic story of a young man's struggle and rebellion against a dystopian tyrannical government. Nah, I'm totally messing with you. It's actually about a cat with a flying cardboard box, and a puppy with an awesome blue mohawk. So much cooler than the other story, right? A lot more fun to draw, too. Recently he got chosen to illustrate a children's book series called RoyGBiv, with book 2 coming out this fall.

He's returning to webcomics though, with Blue and Blond: Second Wave launching this summer. Same cast, but now throw in waves that defy the laws of physics, pirate ghosts, and time traveling surfboards. Also he's piecing together an anthology book with a few other cartoonists titled Candy Badlands and Other Post-Apocolyptic Kid's Stories.

He loves guinea pigs, hates jellyfish, and since he's constantly moving about in Atlanta, Richmond, D.C. and the Jersey Shore, it's just safe to say he lives on the East Coast.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   ConnectiCon 2006 - July 7-9 in Hartford, CT
   Anime USA 2006 - November 17-19 in Vienna, VA
   Katsucon 2007 - February 16-18 in Washington, DC
   PortConMaine 2007 - June 22-24 in South Portland, ME
   ConnectiCon 2007 - July 13-15 in Hartford, CT
   Nekocon 2007 - November 2-4 in Hampton, VA
   Anime USA 2007 - November 16-18 in Arlington, VA
   Setsucon 2008 - January 26-27 in State College, PA
   Katsucon 2008 - February 15-17 in Washington, DC
   Anime Mid-Atlantic 2008 - June 13-15 in Virginia Beach, VA
   AnimeNEXT 2008 - June 20-22 in Secaucus, NJ
   ConnectiCon 2008 - August 1-3 in Hartford, CT
   Setsucon 2009 - January 17-18 in State College, PA
   Katsucon 2009 - February 13-15 in Arlington, VA
   AnimeNEXT 2009 - June 12-14 in Somerset, NJ
   Anime Mid-Atlantic 2009 - June 19-21 in Hampton, VA
   ConnectiCon 2009 - July 31 - August 2 in Hartford, CT
   Setsucon 2010 - January 16-17 in State College, PA
   AnimeNEXT 2010 - June 18-20 in Somerset, NJ
   ConnectiCon 2010 - July 9-11 in Hartford, CT
   Setsucon 2011 - January 29-30 in State College, PA
   AnimeIowa 2012 - July 27-29 in Coralville, IA
   AnimeIowa 2015 - July 24-26 in Coralville, IA
   AnimeIowa 2016 - July 29-31 in Coralville, IA
24 guest appearances

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