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Kara Dennison

Fan Dub Actress / Web Comic Artist
Newport News, VA USA

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Kara Dennison has turned her love of theatre, art, science fact, science fiction, and costuming into a career that spans formats and genres. With experience in performance, writing, costume-making, hosting, and improvisation, she is a sought-after performer, interviewer, and social media expert at functions in the mid-Atlantic area.

An actress since the age of 7, she has appeared onscreen with the UK-based Westlake Films, voiced multiple characters for Rainbow Puppet Productions, and currently plays the recurring role of Artema Sable in the sci-fi podcast 'Managlitch City Underground'. She is also an award-winning costumer, having won awards for both craftsmanship and presentation at anime and science-fiction conventions along the East Coast.

A convention attendee since 2000 and webcomic artist since 2001, Kara has hosted various con events and panels, both related to her own work and sci-fi and anime topics in general. From 2015-2018 she served as community manager for Onezumi Events, the company behind (Re)Generation Who and PotterVerse.

Behind the scenes, Kara works as an editor and localization specialist for anime and video game distributors including Crunchyroll, Sekai Project, and Discotek. She has been integral in bringing many well-known titles to English-speaking audiences, including Mazinger Z, Devilman, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and the original sound novel of Higurashi When They Cry.

In recent years, Kara has shifted from localization to news and feature writing. Her articles can be seen regularly on Crunchyroll, Viewster, and We Are Cult.

She is also an internationally-published author. Her works have appeared in books from Titan, Obverse, Watching Books, and many others. In mid-2018 she will be releasing a scholarly book on the Doctor Who episode 'Heaven Sent' as part of Obverse's Black Archive series.

Kara lives in Newport News, VA, where she works from a converted NASA lab with four guinea pigs. For information on how to bring her to your event, visit



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Central 2000 - May 12-14 in Arlington Heights, IL
   Katsucon 2001 - February 16-18 in Arlington, VA
   Anime Central 2001 - May 11-13 in Arlington Heights, IL
   Anime Mid-Atlantic 2001 - June 15-17 in Richmond, VA
   Anime Mid-Atlantic 2002 - June 14-16 in Richmond, VA
   Nekocon 2002 - November 8-10 in Virginia Beach, VA
   Anime Mid-Atlantic 2003 - June 13-15 in Richmond, VA
   Katsucon 2005 - February 18-20 in Arlington, VA
   Anime USA 2005 - November 18-20 in Vienna, VA
   Katsucon 2007 - February 16-18 in Washington, DC
   MarsCon 2010 - January 15-17 in Williamsburg, VA
   Intervention 2011 - September 16-18 in Rockville, MD
   Intervention 2012 - September 21-23 in Rockville, MD
   Intervention 2013 - August 23-25 in Rockville, MD
   Intervention 2014 - August 22-24 in Rockville, MD
15 guest appearances

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