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Kevin Connolly

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California, USA

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Kevin M Connolly is an American actor, script writer and ADR director. He is known for anime dub voice acting for Funimation, and his first major anime role was Harley Hartwell in Case Closed. He has gone on to voice several major roles in Funimation anime titles, including Kain Fuery in Fullmetal Alchemist and the lead protagonist Takayuki Narumi in Rumbling Hearts. He has also done voice work for ADV Films, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, and Illumitoon Entertainment.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   AtsuiCon 2007 - August 3-5 in Houston, TX
   Mizuumi-Con 2009 - March 21 in San Antonio, TX
   O-Conn 2009 - April 18 in Helotes, TX
   EirtaKon 2009 - November 13-15 in Dublin, Ireland
   Delta H Con 2013 - July 12-14 in Houston, TX
   Konsplosion! 2013 - September 20-22 in Fort Smith, AR
   Samuraicon 2017 - January 13-15 in Columbus, OH
   AgamaCon 2017 - March 3-5 in Aiken, SC
   Delta H Con 2017 - July 14-16 in Houston, TX
   Otakuthon 2017 - August 4-6 in Montréal, QC
   Con+Alt+Delete 2017 - December 15-17 in Rosemont, IL
   SWFL SpaceCon 2018 - June 16-17 in Fort Myers, FL
   A.G.S Con 2018 - August 25-26 in Mobile, AL
13 guest appearances

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