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Asaka Morio joined Madhouse's creative department after graduating from Osaka Designer's College. Morio made his debut as an episode director on the television series "YAWARA! A FASHIONABLE JUDO GIRL!." He is the director of "CARD CAPTOR SAKURA," the highly regarded TV anime series adapted from CLAMP's popular manga series of the same name. He has also worked on "POPS", "MERMAID SCAR", "GALAXY ANGEL", "CHOBITS", "GUNSLIGER GIRL", "CLAMP IN WONDERLAND", and "NANA". Morio's most recent directorial work is the critically acclaimed karuta-action series "CHIHAYAFURU".



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Expo 2001 - July 5-8 in Long Beach, CA
   Otakon 2007 - July 20-22 in Baltimore, MD
   Anime Expo 2012 - June 29 - July 2 in Los Angeles, CA

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    Morio Asaka

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