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Aimee Major Steinberger

Animator / Layout Artist
California, USA

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Aimee Steinberger lives in California with her husband, Mitch and fat black cat, Youta. She grew up in Charleston, South Carolina.

Aimee is an alumni of California Institute of the Arts (BFA in Character Animation). She currently works as an animation artist (currently Assistant Director on the new series of Futurama!) and previously worked on Sit Down Shut Up, the Simpsons, for Warner Brothers and for Disney. She is an award winning fan costumer. She is writes and illustrates for various Japanese fashion, doll and manga publications. You can find Aimee's resume here.

Her most recent book is Japan Ai: A Tall Girl's Adventures in Japan from Go!Comi.

Other than her obvious love of animation, Aimee has a passion for sewing, kimono, haute couture, Sanrio, ball-jointed dolls, Japan, action flics, folk lore, the ocean and the colors pink, blue and lime.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   New York Anime Festival 2007 - December 7-9 in New York, NY
   Gallifrey One 2009 - February 13-15 in Los Angeles, CA
   Dragon*Con 2009 - September 4-7 in Atlanta, GA
   Gallifrey One 2010 - February 26-28 in Los Angeles, CA
   Gallifrey One 2011 - February 18-20 in Los Angeles, CA
   Gallifrey One 2012 - February 17-19 in Los Angeles, CA
   Ani-Jam 2013 - August 17-18 in Fresno, CA
   Animé Los Angeles 2014 - January 10-12 in Los Angeles, CA

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