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Sid Narged

Massachusetts, USA

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Sid Narged was born into this world to do one thing, and after he figures out what that thing is, he will surely avoid doing it - because after you've done that one thing, what do you have left to do?

Seriously speaking though, Sid has dabbled in just about every aspect of life, creative or otherwise. He's been a graphic designer, architect, network admin, web designer, artist, musician, teacher, animator, consultant, sound engineer, custom electronics engineer, guitar technician, photographer, illustrator, publisher, and an author.

There's always some project to work on (usually more than one) and Sid is constantly on the move. He loves to travel and see the world, but he also likes being at home - where he can work on the next project that's going to change the world... hopefully.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Another Anime Convention 2008 - October 17-19 in Nashua, NH
   New England Fan Experience 2008 - November 21-23 in Cambridge, MA
   Spring Anime Kaiju Experience 2009 - April 11 in Boston, MA
   Azumacon 2010 - August 20-22 in Secaucus, NJ convention postponed

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