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Trina Nishimura

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Texas, USA

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Trina Nishimura has become more and more involved in the anime scene over the past few years, primarily working with FUNimation Entertainment. Trina was first cast in Desert Punk as the little hungry girl Namiko and has refused to leave the FUNimation property ever since. Her most notably awesome credits include: Black Cat (Tanya), Claymore (Flora and Sophia), Jyu Oh Se (Tiz), Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple (Shigure Kosaka), Speed Grapher (Yui), season one and two of Negima!? (Lingshen Chao and Motsu), Sasami: Magical Girl Club (Ayane), Baldr Force Exe (Tsukina Sasagiri), School Rumble and Yurippe School Rumble: 2nd Semester (Akira Takano), Baccano! (Rachel), Sgt Frog (Ghost Girl), Case Closed: The Last Magician of the Century the Movie (Natasha Kosaka), Nabari no O (Juji Minami), and the ever popular Witchblade (Shiore Tsuzuki). Having completed work as Nadie in El Cazador de la Bruja, the final installation in BeeTrain's "girls with guns" trilogy, Trina has finally been able to leave the FUNimation premises having proven her voice acting abilities.

Since her departure she has been called back as Meifong Liu in Blassreiter, Kaaya in Tower of Druaga, Akeno in My Bride is a Mermaid, Karen Nishiyama in Bamboo Blade, Luna in Cashern Sins, Lia Dragonell Sands of Destruction, Mizune in Soul Eater, Francesca Lucchini in Strike Witches, Oriku in Oh! Edo Rocket, Suzuri in Rideback, Capella Titus in Birdy the Mighty Decode, Lan Fan in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Sakuya in .hack//Quantum, Sohara in Heaven's Lost Property, Hisca in Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, Milly in Trigun: Badlands Rumble, and her most anticipated role to date as Mari Makinami Illustrious in Evangelion 2.22.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Ikkicon 2009 - February 6-8 in Austin, TX
   Zenkaikon 2009 - November 7-8 in King of Prussia, PA
   Izumicon 2009 - November 13-15 in Midwest City, OK
   Anime Crossroads 2010 - September 24-26 in Indianapolis, IN
   Izumicon 2010 - November 12-14 in Midwest City, OK
   MegaCon 2011 - March 25-27 in Orlando, FL
   Toronto ComicCon Fan Appreciation Event 2011 - April 9-10 in Toronto, ON
   Anime Boston 2011 - April 22-24 in Boston, MA
   AnimeNEXT 2011 - June 10-12 in Somerset, NJ
   AnimeiCon 2011 - July 22-24 in Monterey, CA
   Animethon 2011 - August 5-7 in Edmonton, AB
   Anime USA 2011 - November 18-20 in Arlington, VA
   Tora-Con 2012 - April 20-22 in Rochester, NY
   Otakon 2012 - July 27-29 in Baltimore, MD
   FanExpo Canada 2012 - August 23-26 in Toronto, ON
   Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 - September 28-30 in Atlanta, GA
   New Mexico Tri Con 2012 - October 27-28 in Rio Rancho, NM
   Anime North 2013 - May 24-26 in Toronto, ON
   Anime Boston 2014 - March 21-23 in Boston, MA
   FanExpo Vancouver 2014 - April 18-20 in Vancouver, BC
   Bak-Anime 2014 - June 22 in Bakersfield, CA
   Florida Supercon 2014 - July 3-6 in Miami, FL
   Matsuricon 2014 - August 22-24 in Columbus, OH
   FanExpo Canada 2014 - August 28-31 in Toronto, ON
   Alcon 2014 - September 4-7 in Leicester, UK
   ShadoCon 2014 - October 31 - November 2 in Palm Harbor, FL
   Anime Blast Chattanooga 2014 - November 7-9 in Chattanooga, TN
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Adelaide 2014 - November 21-23 in Adelaide, SA, Australia
   Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Brisbane 2014 - November 28-30 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia
   Sac-Anime 2015 - January 2-4 in Sacramento, CA
   Pensacon 2015 - February 27 - March 1 in Pensacola, FL
   Indiana Comic Con 2015 - March 13-15 in Indianapolis, IN
   Zenkaikon 2015 - March 27-29 in Lancaster, PA
   Florida Anime Experience 2015 - April 24-26 in Kissimmee, FL
   Omni Expo 2015 - May 22-24 in Orlando, FL
   Fan Expo Dallas 2015 - May 29-31 in Dallas, TX
   A-Kon 2015 - June 5-7 in Dallas, TX
   SOPOCU Con 2015 - June 27-28 in Jackson, MS
   FanExpo Canada 2015 - September 3-6 in Toronto, ON
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