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Steam Century (HMA Badger)

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Madison, WI USA

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We are the crew of the HMA Badger, an airship in Her Majesty's service. In our world, the map looks much different than the one you might know. This is the world of Steam Century, a Steampunk alternative history.

Steam Century is the name of an alternative historical world created by a group of friends from Madison, Wisconsin. In our world, the British lost the Seven Years War (aka The French and Indian War), which left Canada in the hands of the French. Without Canada as a consolation prize, the British fought ferociously to keep their American colonies. The infamous rebellion of 1776 failed, and ended with its leaders executed or exiled.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Geek.Kon 2008 - September 27-28 in Madison, WI
   Daisho Con 2008 - November 21-23 in Stevens Point, WI
   No Brand Con 2009 - April 24-26 in Eau Claire, WI
   Geek.Kon 2009 - October 23-25 in Madison, WI
   Daisho Con 2009 - November 20-22 in Stevens Point, WI
   NakamaCon 2010 - May 27-31 in Madison, WI
   Daisho Con 2013 - November 22-24 in Wisconsin Dells, WI

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