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Texas, USA

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Twinzik was created in 2006 by Texan fraternal twins Hee-Hee and Hopie. Known for their obscure and fun character choices, award-winning skits, story-telling walk-ons, and detailed prosthetics, makeup, and wig styling, the twins try their best to be an example of how fun and friendly cosplay should be.

From Adventure Time to The Wild Thornberrys, Final Fantasy to X-Men, Twinzik has a broad range of character personalities and skills, which range from comedic to dramatic.

Taking over twenty awards in cosplay contests, Twinzik enjoys meeting new friends and creating wonderful memories at each event they attend, while teaching a thing or two in their panels!

Don't forget-- Cosplay Fearless!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   KamiKazeCon 2009 - April 10-12 in Houston, TX
   Oni-Con 2009 - October 30 - November 1 in Houston, TX
   Comicpalooza 2011 - May 27-29 in Houston, TX
   Ultima Con 2012 - May 25-27 in New Orleans, LA convention cancelled
   Delta H Con 2013 - July 12-14 in Houston, TX
   Anime St. Louis 2015 - April 17-19 in Collinsville, IL
   Forest City Comicon 2015 - October 18 in London, ON
   Comicpalooza 2016 - June 17-19 in Houston, TX
   Anime Overload 2016 - August 5-7 in Round Rock, TX
   Saboten Con 2016 - September 2-5 in Phoenix, AZ
   Anime North Texas 2016 - November 18-20 in Fort Worth, TX
   Ikkicon 2017 - December 30, 2016 - January 1, 2017 in Austin, TX
   A-Kon 2018 - June 7-10 in Fort Worth, TX
12 guest appearances

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