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Shadowfax is probably most recognized as the DJ for his Saturday night convention Raves, the purveyor of randomly appearing beach balls and spontaneous conga lines and as the disembodied voice and tormentor of con owners, celebrity guests and hosts on stage. What most don't realize is that he really IS a full-time professional disc jockey and that his company actually provides most of the sound and lighting equipment for the conventions he works.

Shadowfax's background includes over twenty years in the entertainment industry as everything from camera operator, theater engineer and stage manager to technical writer, walking performer and fire-breather. Prior to becoming a DJ he worked as a professional video editor and assisted as a network administrator to a webhosting company.

When not holding the fort at Tech Ops during a convention, Shadowfax can usually be found hosting wedding receptions, private parties, Karaoke events or providing sound and lighting for any number of bands and several other prominent Florida-based events. He also owns Outlaw Custom Designs and, along with his minions, enjoys creating and selling decals, patches, T-shirts and embroidery for various fandoms, conventions and professional organizations.

Shadowfax is an avid music collector and enjoys listening to a wide variety of music from Techno/Trance/House/Dance to Chill/Downbeat/Lounge and even relaxing to Tribal/New Age.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Metrocon 2003 - July 18-20 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2004 - July 9-11 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2005 - June 24-26 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2006 - June 2-4 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2007 - July 6-8 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2008 - July 18-20 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2009 - June 19-21 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2010 - July 23-25 in Tampa, FL
   ShadoCon 2010 - November 5-7 in Tampa, FL
   Metrocon 2011 - June 17-19 in Tampa, FL
   ShadoCon 2011 - November 11-13 in Tampa, FL
   Holiday Matsuri 2011 - December 16-18 in Orlando, FL
   Khaotic Kon 2012 - April 13-15 in Tampa, FL
   ShadoCon 2012 - November 16-18 in Tampa, FL
   Holiday Matsuri 2012 - December 14-16 in Kissimmee, FL
   Khaotic Kon 2013 - May 3-5 in Tampa, FL
   BelleCON 2013 - May 10-12 in Jacksonville, FL
   Mythicon 2013 - August 23-25 in Orlando, FL
   Omni Expo 2014 - May 23-25 in Orlando, FL
   Mythicon 2014 - September 19-21 in Orlando, FL
   Omni Expo 2015 - May 22-24 in Orlando, FL
   Holiday Matsuri 2015 - December 18-20 in Orlando, FL
   Omni Expo 2016 - March 4-6 in Orlando, FL
   Omni Fandom Expo 2017 - March 3-5 in Orlando, FL
   Omni Fandom Expo 2018 - March 9-11 in Orlando, FL
25 guest appearances

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