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Electric Children

Disc Jockey
Seattle, WA USA


Jack Waterman has had two majors hobbies/passions in life: videogames and music. In Winter of 2008 when, as a fledgling electronic artist, he discovered through some friends of his he could combine the two, he picked up Little Sound DJ and never looked back. Now, almost 3 years later, Jack's experience has taken him to venues, parties, interviews, and even the notorious Blip Festival in NYC. Channeling the energy, creativity, and craft of worldwide Chiptune legends such as Sabrepulse, USK, and She to inspire his 8-Bit Electro-house anthems, Jack aspires to give his dreary hometown of Seattle WA a reason to get on their coffee-and-nicotine-addicted hipster feet and get jiggy.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   ShadoCon 2010 - November 5-7 in Tampa, FL
   ShadoCon 2011 - November 11-13 in Tampa, FL
   Khaotic Kon 2013 - May 3-5 in Tampa, FL

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