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Born and raised in New York City, Mark Texeira found himself indoors often and drawing pictures as entertainment. With the help of an inspiring Junior High teacher (Mrs. Honest, honestly, that was her name) he was guided to studying at the famous Art & Design High School in Manhattan, which boasts alumni such as Tony Bennett, Harvey Firestein, Steve Asell, Eric Valazquez, Neal Adams and Willie Low, among many others.

Under the guidance of painters Max Ginsburg and Irwin Greenberg, Mark was granted the Presidential Scholarship at S.V.A. which he was to prematurely drop out of 2 years later. While pursuing a graphic art career on his own, he studied under portrait painter David Leffel at the Art Students League. Mark soon won mentions at the Salmagundi Club and Society of Illustrators for his oil paintings which sparked some interest and some work in the form of cover assignments for books, magazines and record albums involving such properties as Remo Williams, Buckaroo Banzai and Public Enemy.

At 28, Mark married and worked for Continuity Associates, illustrating the MEGALITH book and ads for MARLBORO and SALEM. He soon returned to freelance! Transplanting his family to Westchester he has spent years haphazardly eaking out a good living only by burning the midnight oil. And now he's added his first creator owned graphic series to his already hefty workload. Mark Texeira hopes you will enjoy the debut of PSCYTHE, in the next year or so, as much as he has enjoyed working on it!



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Wizard World East 2002 - May 10-12 in Philadelphia, PA
   Big Wow! ComicFest 2011 - May 21-22 in San Jose, CA
   Phoenix Comicon 2011 - May 26-29 in Phoenix, AZ
   Heroes Convention 2011 - June 3-5 in Charlotte, NC
   Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2011 - June 17-19 in Calgary, AB
   Albuquerque Comic Expo 2011 - June 24-26 in Albuquerque, NM
   Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2011 - August 11-14 in Rosemont, IL
   Wizard World Mid-Ohio Comic Con 2011 - October 22-23 in Columbus, OH
   MegaCon 2012 - February 17-19 in Orlando, FL
   Boston Comic Con 2012 - April 21-22 in Boston, MA
   Big Wow! ComicFest 2012 - May 19-20 in San Jose, CA
   Albuquerque Comic Expo 2012 - June 8-10 in Albuquerque, NM
   Heroes Convention 2012 - June 22-24 in Charlotte, NC
   Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2012 - August 9-12 in Rosemont, IL
   New York Comic Con 2012 - October 11-14 in New York, NY
   Central Canada Comic Con 2012 - November 2-4 in Winnipeg, MB
   Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con 2012 - November 30 - December 2 in New Orleans, LA
   Mississippi Pulp Con 2013 - February 16 in Jackson, MS
   Big Wow! ComicFest 2013 - May 18-19 in San Jose, CA
   FandomFest 2013 - July 26-28 in Louisville, KY
   Granite State Comicon 2013 - September 28-29 in Manchester, NH
   London Super Comic Convention 2014 - March 15-16 in London, UK
   Boston Comic Con 2014 - August 8-10 in Boston, MA
   Realms Con 2014 - October 3-5 in Corpus Christi, TX
   New York Comic Con 2014 - October 9-12 in New York, NY
   Bakersfield Comic-Con 2014 - October 26 in Bakersfield, CA
   East Bay Comic-Con 2015 - February 15 in Concord, CA
   Super MegaFest Comic Con 2015 - April 17-19 in Marlborough, MA
   Big Wow! ComicFest 2015 - April 18-19 in San Jose, CA
   Heroes Convention 2015 - June 19-21 in Charlotte, NC
   Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 - September 25-27 in Baltimore, MD
   New York Comic Con 2015 - October 8-11 in New York, NY
   Super MegaFest Comic Con 2015 - November 21-22 in Framingham, MA
   Pensacon 2016 - February 19-21 in Pensacola, FL
   Big Apple Con 2016 - March 5 in New York, NY
   Super MegaFest Comic Con 2016 - April 8-10 in Marlborough, MA
   Heroes Convention 2016 - June 17-19 in Charlotte, NC
   Comic Con Honolulu 2016 - July 29-31 in Honolulu, HI
   Comic Con Palm Springs 2016 - August 26-28 in Palm Springs, CA
   Colorado Springs Comic Con 2016 - August 26-28 in Colorado Springs, CO cancelled appearance
   Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 - September 2-4 in Baltimore, MD
   New York Comic Con 2016 - October 6-9 in New York, NY
   F.A.C.T.S. 2016 - October 22-23 in Ghent, Belgium
   Rhode Island Comic Con 2016 - November 11-13 in Providence, RI
   Big Apple Comic Con 2017 - March 11-12 in New York, NY
   XCon World 2017 - May 19-21 in Myrtle Beach, SC
   ComiConn 2017 - June 10-11 in Mashantucket, CT
   Heroes Convention 2017 - June 16-18 in Charlotte, NC
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