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Nocturnal Sol

Fire Dancing Troupe
San Antonio, TX USA

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Nocturnal Sol, originally, began as a two person gig with the occasional (and much appreciated) assistance from others. We started this because fire dancing was something we wanted to be a part of on a regular basis and felt that creating a troupe would be the best way to accomplish this. Seraphina, whom you know as our barking (not "barking" as in the "barking" dog; rather, "barking" as in "crier", "herald" or "announcer") "resident ninja", has stuck it out with me and all the bumps in our amazing and ongoing journey into the world of the fire performance arts. Through school, visits home and many a crazy ren-fair night she is an inspiration to many. Between me (Annelise), Seraphina and the assistance and advice from fellow fire dancers and friends, Nocturnal Sol was born.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Mizuumi-Con 2011 - March 26 in San Antonio, TX

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